A Report from a Stranger in a Strange Land

I just got back from ACoP7, the yearly meeting of the International Society of Pharmacometrics (ISoP). Now, I don’t do any PK/PD modeling (hence the “strange land”) but was invited to talk about our high throughput screening platform for drug combinations. I also hoped to learn a little more about this field as well as […]

When is a Bad Plate Bad?

When running a high-throughput screen, one usually deals with hundreds or even thousands of plates. Due to the vagaries of experiments, some plates will not be ervy good. That is, the data will be of poor quality due to a variety of reasons. Usually we can evaluate various statistical quality metrics to asses which plates […]

Correlating Continuous and Categorical Variables

At work, a colleague gave an interesting presentation on characterizing associations between continuous and categorical variables. I expect that I will be facing this issue in some upcoming work so was doing a little reading and made some notes for myself. Given a continuous variable Y and a categorical variable G, is the distribution of […]