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This paper by Prof. Tim Pederson in the Journal of Computational Linguistics highlights the need for authors of computational linguistics papers to release working software that can be used to reproduce results in their papers.

While the paper focuses on the field of computational linguistics (CL), the discussion is perfectly applicable to other fields that publish computational research. Given my background in cheminformatics, which is heavily dependent on the use of computational tools, the points raised in the paper very applicable. For example, Prof. Pederson states

While we have table after table of results to pore over, we usually don’t have access to the software that would allow us to reproduce those results.

He also highlights four points on how to produce software to reproduce the results of research.  In this post, I wanted to highlight some aspects that have bugged me in the past and I think are important for transparency in computational research.

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Written by Rajarshi Guha

September 16th, 2008 at 6:19 pm

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