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I’ve been working on the rcdk and rcdklibs R packages that integrate the CDK into the R environment. For the past year or two it’s been hosted on r-forge.r-project.org which¬†has a nice feature of nightly builds of R packages. Unfortunately their version control system is Subversion. Having used Git for my other projects, this was getting painful. So rcdk and rcdklibs are now hosted at Github as the cdkr project. This makes development much smoother, but I do loose the automated build feature. Sometime in the future, I’ll set up the repository to provide direct links to the packages (though they will also be available on CRAN)

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  1. I had thought about that, but then decided that a clean move to git would be best. Also, the automated build system was failing because of some weird dependency issues – so I never really got the benefit of that on r-forge

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