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The Wonders of a Cast Iron Skillet

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Being fond of cooking, I’ve tended to collect recipes, utensils and gadgets. One thing that had been missing was a cast iron skillet. I’d been hearing about the wonders of these (naturally non-stick over time, holds heat, evenly distributes heat) for a long time and have been disillusioned with the non-stick stuff (though a small non-stick pan for eggs is handy). So we finally decided to pick up a Lodge cast iron skillet. Though it’s sold as pre-seasoned, we seasoned it once before use.

Our first attempt at using it was to make pan seared steak for Christmas lunch, using directions (1, 2)  from Alton Brown. A juicy 12 oz ribeye, seasoned with kosher salt and coarse ground pepper. Seared for 90 s on the oven top and then put into a 500F oven for 3 minutes each side resulted in a beautiful medium steak. While the steak was resting, we put together a simple sauce with red wine, shallots and the brown bits from the pan.

The result was heavenly! Looks like cooking will be fun with the new skillet.


Written by Rajarshi Guha

December 26th, 2008 at 8:15 pm

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