The ChemSpider Journal of Chemistry

News of the ChemSpider Journal of Chemistry has been posted in various places. This effort is interesting as it is a combination of features that are currently available in different forms. Like other Open Access journals, the CJC will be follow the BOAI and hence be Open Access. In addition it will exhibit markup of the text, such as done by the RSC journals (which are not OA). I’m especially interested in this latter feature for automated processing of articles. While it is good to see the combination of these features, it also interesting to see that the journal will use a just-in-time (JIT) approach, and allow online peer review, commentaries. In this sense, it can be expected to be an especially good venue for ONS style projects.

I think this effort will be an interesting experiment, especially given that many¬† “traditional” chemists may not have blogs and wiki’s to support a JIT approach, and that a journal might be more acceptable. I recently joined the editorial board. I’m eager to see how the journal evolves and am pleased to be able to contribute to this effort and encourages to do so as well.

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  1. We’re honored to have you on our board Rajarshi. I know you will challenge us to be our best and we will do what we can to satiate. You are very demanding on behalf of the community and that is who we wish to serve!

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