The Move is Complete

The move to Rockville is complete and I’ve started work at the NCGC. This week has been a bit hectic what with setting up house and getting up to speed at work. But I’m really excited with the stuff that’s going on here – lots of interesting projects in various areas of chemical biology and genomics. Also, being surrounded by some really smart people is invigorating (and leads to some nice lunch discussions). One aspect of the center that I really like is the commitment to Open Source – while there isn’t a whole lot at the moment, there’s some cool stuff coming down the pipeline. And a 30″ Apple Cinema display is sweet.

For now, back to reading up on HTS, RNAi and browsing for sofas.

5 thoughts on “The Move is Complete

  1. baoilleach says:

    That *is* pretty interesting. HTS for sofas would revolutionize shopping for soft furnishings.

  2. Hmm, fabrics, colors, the possibilities are endless :) Just have to work out how to squeeze them into a 384 well plate

  3. Rajarshi, good luck at the new place.

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