Survey Software Developer Opportunity

On behalf of Prof. Debarchana Ghosh (UConn):

I’m designing a survey to collect information about a person’s daily activities in their neighborhood and their social networks, i.e. the people they meet and talk to. Examples of daily activities include going to work, grocery shopping, place of workshop, buying alcohol and addresses of these locations.

To support the survey, I am looking for a software application to be developed that surveyors will be able to use on Android tablets, which will be connected to internet through wifi or a data plan.

  • Must run on Android tablets (which will have WiFi connections and data plans)
  • Survey data should be stored in a RDBMS (preferably MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite). If this is stored locally on the tablet, appropriate measures should be taken to be able to offload them into a centralized RDBMS. (Since a data plan is available, responses can be stored directly on the remote RDBMS so that data synchronization can be avoided)
  • Survey questions are currently in a Word document, which will need to be transferred to some standardized, machine readable format.
  • The survey involves skip patterns (e.g., if yes to Q1 then skip to Q3 else answer Q2) and the application must be able to record these patterns and handle them when running a survey
  • The software should be capable of generating unique identifier for an interviewee.
  • Some questions require geolocations as answers. The application should support display of a map and selection of locations either by address or by manual selection. Geolocated points should be stored faithfully in the database.
  • The survey in question involves recording data for social networks such as people the surveyor socializes with, trusts, drinks alcohol with etc. It is possible that some people will be named more than twice. This also implies that some questions need to be repeated for multiple individuals.
  • A solution based on a pre-existing package or platform (such as Google Forms) that may need modification is welcome, assuming it satisfies the above requirements.

If you have experience developing such software please contact me at to discuss feasibility, time scales and prices.

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