WPTouch – Painlessly Optimize Blogs for Mobile Devices

I came across WPTouch,  a WordPress plugin/theme that optimizes a blogs appearance for fast loading on mobile devices such as the iPhone, Android and so on. It’s really trivial to install (just like any other plugin) and once done, browsing this site on my iPhone is really much nicer than viewing the full fledged desktop […]

When is a Bad Plate Bad?

When running a high-throughput screen, one usually deals with hundreds or even thousands of plates. Due to the vagaries of experiments, some plates will not be ervy good. That is, the data will be of poor quality due to a variety of reasons. Usually we can evaluate various statistical quality metrics to asses which plates […]

A GPL3 Oracle Cheminformatics Cartridge

Sometime back I had mentioned a new cheminformatics toolkit, Indigo. Recently, Dmitry from SciTouch let me know that they had also developed Bingo, an Oracle cartridge based on Indigo, to perform cheminformatics operations in the database. This expands the current ecosystem of Open Source database cartridges (PGChem, MyChem, OrChem) which pretty much covers all the […]