Squeezing Journal Space?

An article by Steven Bachrach in the Journal of Cheminformatics has an excellent disscusion on Open Access journals. He notes that one of the problems with current scientific publishing is the plethora of journals. He also points out the huge amount of publications being generated. He succinctly states it as We simply publish way too […]

Change – Yes, I Did

I’ve been at IU for 3 years now, the last two as a visiting faculty member. However the time has come for a change. I have accepted a position at the NIH Chemical Genomics Center working in the informatics group and will start there in mid-May. I’m pretty excited about this move, as the group […]

CDK Development with Git

As announced on the cdk-devel mailing list, the project has shifted to Git as its version control system. While the SVN repository is still available, it’s expected that all development from now on will be done using Git branches. To get things going Egon has put up a very nice page on the CDK wiki. […]