What Has Cheminformatics Done for You Lately?

Recently there have been two papers asking whether cheminformatics or virtual screening in general, have really helped drug discovery, in terms of lead discovery. The first paper from Muchmore et al focuses on the utility of various cheminformatics tools in drug discovery. ┬áTheir report is retrospective in nature where they note that while much research […]

When is a Bad Plate Bad?

When running a high-throughput screen, one usually deals with hundreds or even thousands of plates. Due to the vagaries of experiments, some plates will not be ervy good. That is, the data will be of poor quality due to a variety of reasons. Usually we can evaluate various statistical quality metrics to asses which plates […]

Oracle Notes

Some handy settings when running a query from the command line via sqlplus set echo off set heading on set linesize 1024 set pagesize 0 set tab on set trims on set wrap off — might want to set column formats here — e.g.: column foo format A10 spool stats — dump results to stats.lst […]